Jump City Horns

Professionalism All The Way Around

Jump City Horns - Dec, 2015

The Jump City Horns were without a doubt one of the best horn sections I've had the opportunity to play with ... Not to mention the fact that we pulled it off with only two hours rehearsal .. A mark of true professionalism all the way around!!!

Tom P - Funkybone Band

Beatlemania Now - Trump Plaza

Jump City Horns - Aug, 2013

This year's version of Beatlemania Now has been modified to include a three-person brass section dubbed the Penny Lane Horns. "...We do 'Penny Lane' because we have a trumpet player who is just fantastic and can play that solo. It's a very, very difficult song to play solo". ..."a lot of fun for the audience, particularly when you see some of these guys step out and do some of the solos that they do. The audience really applauds and loves it."

Atlantic City Weekly

Perfect! Love the Penny Lane Horns!

Jump City Horns - Aug, 2013

By far this is the best Beatles tribute band out there. I've seen this show 5 times at Trump this summer. It just gets better every time I see it. I love the multi-media and never tire of it. I love the commericals for 1960s Barbie and Camel cigarettes!...They also had a horn section Penny Lane Horns. The trumpet player brings the house down with Penny Lane. You have to hear him. I can't wait to see these guys again.

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